Upcoming Spring Season Workshops

Lasagna Gardening - My Tried & True No-Till Gardening Method!

Lasagna gardening is the process of alternately layering organic material on top of your ground in layers like you would with lasagna. It's super easy to do and requires there's no tilling or digging involved!

The best part (other than no digging) is you will create the most luxurious space for your plants to grow in using practically free materials you have in your own backyard!

The Art of Intercropping, Companion Planting & Intensive Planting

These terms are often confused because they are similar in nature, but very different in practice. Intercropping is simply the practice of growing a crop among plants of a different kind, usually in the space between rows. 

Companion Planting is a very specific type of intercropping that pairs plants who mutually benefit each other, whether in their growth habits or pest control. And all of this can fall under the practice of Intensive Planting!

How to Grow a Kitchen Garden (& eat it too!)

Growing a Kitchen Garden is one of the best and easiest places to start gardening! If you're ready to dip your toe in the gardening waters, this is where you should start!

You'll learn to grow some of the easiest, quickest, and least fussy plants in the gardening space (pun intended) AND you'll learn how to eat them too! This workshop will teach the basic fundamentals of gardening and how to use what you grow in your kitchen.

How to Create Compost For Your Best Soil Ever!

No joke, compost is seriously the easiest thing to create in your garden AND the most beneficial! All you need to know are the basic parameters of how to create it and you'll never stop once you start!

Plus, compost is something that you will use over and over again, especially if you learn how to create a constant supply in your own backyard (saving you time and money from buying it at the store). Don't overlook the importance and ease of creating your own compost!

The Importance of Tending Your Garden to Grow Healthy Plants

You can plant the most beautiful, perfectly organized garden, BUT if you don't regularly visit and tend it, you will not reap the rewards. 

Learning these simple pruning practices and learning what to look for in your plants will save you the headache and disappointment of dead, unhealthy, pest-ridden plants.

Regular garden maintenance and pruning is an essential garden habit that will give you a successful, abundant, and healthy garden. AND it can only take 10-15 minutes a day

Natural Pest Control Methods

There is nothing more discouraging to a gardener then watching your precious plants become food for garden pests instead of for you!

Prevention is key, as well as learning to keep a watchful eye for signs of pest damage. There are things you can do BEFOREHAND to help deter pests and prepare for them. And when they show up, because they will, there are ways you can treat your plants or kill the pests naturally so you're not covering your edible goods with harsh, synthetic chemicals. 

Do let garden pests eat your food before you do!

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